88-year-old bus passenger is pushed and responds with gunfire

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An 88-year-old Seattle man was hurt after reportedly firing a gun on a public bus, and then falling down the bus stairwell.

James Clifton, witness: “I heard a confrontation, I looked forward, when I looked forward I heard pop pop pop.”

A Saturday morning commute on the metro bus was interrupted with the sounds of yelling then gunshots. 

James Clifton says he was just feet away from the commotion.

Investigators say a 51-year-old man violently pushed an 88-year-old trying to get on the bus. Police say that’s when the 88-year-old man pulled out a gun and shot the other man, but then the shooter fell down the bus stairs and hit his head.

James Clifton, witness: “The guy that shot the guy fell down on the ground also, he had the gun inside his coat and I said “set the gun on the ground the police are on their way, they’ll kill you if they see that gun, so he set the gun on the ground and I kicked it over a couple of feet.”

Soon after James says he kicked the gun away from the shooter.

Police swarmed the bizarre scene. Detective Mark Jamieson, Seattle Police: “It is unusual but fortunately it doesn’t happen a lot.”

First responders rushed both men to the hospital where they’re expected to recover.

Detective Mark Jamieson: “We don’t know what the disturbance was about, what the motive was about but that is something obviously our detectives will be looking into.”

Passengers who witnessed the shooting were moved to another bus, luckily no one else was hurt, just shaken up.

James Clifton, witness: “A little bit of anxiety, very very lucky, me and the bus driver said a great big prayer and she said in Jesus name, I feel good!”

Investigators said they recovered a handgun at the scene and the shooter will likely face charges after he’s treated for his injuries.

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