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1 TANK TRIPS: Sailing in the swamps

Captain Ron's lake tour

CADDO LAKE (KETK) - On Thursday's edition of One Tank Trips, we sail the swamps of Caddo Lake! Meet Captain Ron, a retired sea captain, very familiar with being behind the wheel. He's going to be our tour guide. Watch the video for the full experience!

Captian Ron rides passengers around for about one hour and his co-captain Panda comes along for the ride.

For the families on the tour, you can see them smiling and laughing, wind blowing through their hair, feet kicked up, and intrigued by the different sights.

"It's something to talk about on the ride home. It brings you a little bit closer together," one mom said.

And for captain ron, he knows how to keep people guessing on what he'll say next.

"I only seen one thing meaner looking than that fish. and i divorced her," Captain Ron joked.

"There's only one way I can guarantee you we'll see an alligator today. but I'll need a volunteer."

Caddo Lake is also notorious for having some of the most big foot sightings in the country.

"I have given a lot of thought and consideration as to why we have so many big foot sightings. I've come up with two conclusions. One. I think it has a lot to do with the Spanish moss in the trees but more than anything else, I think it has a lot to do with our high population of alcoholics and dope smokers," Captain Ron said jokingly.

Besides Captain Ron's sense of humor, the other big takeaway from the tour is how he knows this lake like the back of his hand. He has so much history to share with everyone.

"Off shore drilling began on Caddo Lake," he said.

"Caddo Lake is the only lake in the country to have all 87 species of fish that's indigenous to the warm waters of the southern part of the country."

"March of 2016, this water was 11 foot higher than what you see it today. there was no land to be seen. this is a new house, the house that used to sit there was destroyed by the flood."

Throughout the tour, he passes around different objects with historic value.

"I'm going to pass this around too, this is bald cypress petrified wood."

When it comes to alligators, Caddo Lake is known to have plenty. We didn't see any during the day, but apparently it's a different story at night.

"Had you have come out here tonight and shined a light across there, gator eyes would reflect back at you everywhere," Captain Ron said. 

For Captain Ron, his love for Caddo and telling its story never fades.

"it's mystical, it's magical, it's prehistoric. It's enchanted."

Now this tour costs actually about the same as if you were to take your family out to a movie night. But instead of sitting in a dark theater, you are out, enjoying nature, on the lake with your family making some pretty good summer memories.

Captain Ron has been offering boat tours for nine years after he retired as a sea captain. To plan your visit, check out the tour dates and prices on his website here!

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