TJC students spend week in Turkey

An eye-opening opportunity for students at Tyler Junior College, 15 of them traveled with their professor to the Middle East during spring break. The students brought back first hand knowledge of life in the Middle East along with some life-changing experiences. 
a trip to the Middle East isn’t exactly a tourist destination, yet political science professor at Tyler Junior College, Dr. Khosrowshah, who organized the trip, says you can’t let the fear of terrorism drive your life. 
“It’s unfortunate that these things are happening, but no place is safe. France, Belgium, Pakistan, California, any other part of the world. These things are unfortunately going to happen.”
Student Ben Jordan says the atmosphere in Turkey is different from what’s portrayed in the media.
“They’re really normal people just like us over here. They have families, people walk with their kids everywhere. They eat just like we do. It’s no different from over here beside the language and the appearance of the populous.”
Jordan says the area is flooded with a mixture of history and modern civilization.
“The European cities on the Mediterranean of Turkey. Those are really cool because it’s so modern, yet, you have a 2016 Starbucks next to a 2000 year old wall that some Roman Emperor built. It’s just the contrast and history is just so present. You can go anywhere and see old stuff right next to new stuff.  “
Student Jolenne Calleja also made the trip to Turkey and just hours before they were set to leave, she lost her passport.
“I ran to go look for it and it wasn’t there. It was gone, so the first thing that came to my head was my passport is in there. I can’t stay here. I have to go back, so I was really scared.”
But an act of kindness earned a Turkish man a Certificate of Recognition from the school.
“I found your passport. I found your passport. That was the scariest fifteen minutes of my life, but I’m very grateful that this man was kind enough to go turn in my bag and return it to me with everything in it.”
Everyone walked away with a cultural experience and a new viewpoint.
“They are people just like us. Everybody thinks they’re out to get us. They’re different people. They don’t think like us, but truth is, no, they’re very much like us.” 
You don’t have to be a student to attend the tour with Dr. K, so if this has sparked your interest, you can attend next spring break. 
Call Dr. K. at 903.510.2279 or by email at
To read the articles in the Turkish papers about the passport return:

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