Time of year to visit a dermatologist


Dermatology Associates of Tyler says the summer months is when most damage is done to your skin.

“This time of year I always say it’s time to clean up the sins of summer,” Dermatologist Jenni Holman said.

The sun’s UV rays are the number one cause of skin cancer. Dr. Holman says that even if you don’t see anything wrong, a doctor can see beyond the skin.

“Sometimes what you think are just benign sunspots are actually pre-cancerous spots, things that we can catch before they actually cause you a problem,” Dr. Holman said. “We may be able to treat those with a cream or something easy before it gets to a surgical point sometime down the road.”

Dr. Holman says it’s important to think of your skin now, because the most damage is done when we’re young even though we might not see it until we’re older.

“The older we get, it’s like the odometer on our car, that the sun damage continues to add up,” Dr. Holman said.

“I put lotion on every morning or my face will start to peel,” one resident said. “So every morning before I put on make up I put on Jergen’s lotion.”

“I use a B.B. Cream,” one resident said. “It’s intense moisturizer and it also has a sunscreen in it. It’s made by Tart and I put it on every morning because I know I need sunscreen for my skin.”

Doctor Holman’s biggest piece of advice is wearing sunscreen, even beyond summer months.

“I always recommend a sunscreen as part of your daily routine,” Dr. Holman said. “Especially here in East Texas. Folks here are at the golf course in December and January so for us especially, year-round sun protection in an important thing.”

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