Ted Cruz wins big in Wisconsin, making it more difficult for Trump

On Tuesday night, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas won the GOP Wisconsin primary. This made Donald Trump’s path to the nomination a whole lot more difficult. 
KETK Political Analyst and Senior Lecturer in History at UT Tyler, James Newsom said, “Senator Cruz has proven to be a remarkable candidate. When he needs a win, he manages to get a win.”
The senator from Texas clinched 48 percent of the Republican votes and 36 delegates, while Trump only received 34 percent and 6 delegates. Doctor Newsom says this could mean trouble for Trump.
“The more the vote count goes up, the more the delegate count goes up for Ted Cruz, the more chances that neither candidate will get to the magic number of 1,237 by the summer,” said Newsom.
He explains Cruz needed this win to keep up his momentum.
“It was an amazing win last night with the percentage of victory. I don’t think anybody expected it to be that large,” said Newsom.
He said Cruz proved he can capture a generally left-leaning state. But, he wonders if he can continue his winning streak as the primary races head to Trump’s New England territory.
“In New York, Trump is the man. So, if Cruz can continue cutting into that lead, which it appears that he is. It’s just does he have enough time before the primaries down the road to accumulate enough support,” said Newsom.
There are 16 primaries and caucuses remaining. After losing Wisconsin, Trump now has to bounce back. He needs to win 70 percent of the delegates to secure the 1,237 needed to win the Republican nomination at the convention. The next stop on the primary calendar is New York, Trump’s home state, on April 19.

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