Tatum family plans to file a lawsuit against the school district over ‘discriminatory’ dress code


TATUM, Texas (KETK) – A Tatum family is planning to file a lawsuit against the school district over what they are calling a “discriminatory” dress code.

This comes as the latest development in a dispute centered around the length of a student’s hair.

Randi Woodley said the district told her that her young grandson’s hair is too long.

Woodley said she was given three options: cut it, pin it or put the boy in a dress.

Kambry Cox said she was told her son’s hair couldn’t be in a ponytail.

The families say the policy discriminates against both race and gender.

The two elementary school students were expelled, and Tatum ISD board members unanimously decided they will not be allowed to come back to school unless they cut their hair.

The dispute has given rise to protests by family members and their supporters.

The next step is to take it to the courtroom.

The family’s attorney says the school is not following the Texas education code.

“They put the parents on trial today,” said attorney Waukeen McCoy. “And there was no focus on the students themselves, Michael and Kellan. They just put the parents on trial.

“It’s unfortunate that they didn’t look at the real issue here,” McCoy said. “These kids have been expelled from school. They are not in a curriculum right now because of (the district’s) ineptitude, their incompetence.”

McCoy said the lawsuit will address the discriminatory issue based on both race and gender.

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