TAKING FLIGHT: Whitehouse ISD students learn from experienced pilots


WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KETK) – Students at Whitehouse ISD had the opportunity to take flight and learn what it takes to be a pilot.

Part of the district’s aviation program, students are given the chance to learn from pilots who have been flying for decades.

The goal is to show them what to expect on their first flight. A demonstration was given to show them what preparations have to be made, and how to operate a small plane from take-off to landing.

“My fifth-grade year, we were doing a project to where we had to look up career paths and I saw this thing called aerospace engineering and I looked at it and I noticed it and so I just did research and ever since then I’ve been hooked on it since then,” said Braiden Miller, Whitehouse ISD junior.

The program is called ‘The Young Eagles Program‘ which launched more than 25 years ago and allows anyone to join.

It’s for students interested in the field and the journey of becoming a pilot.

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