Stretch Your Dollar: Why early September is a good time to look into Thanksgiving flights


Queues in Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport, Friday July 26, 2019. Travelers are facing a second day of disruption in Britain after record breaking July temperatures gave way to thunderstorms. The heat eased Friday, but Heathrow, Europe’s biggest airport, was forced to cancel or delay flights amid severe weather conditions. (Steve Parsons/PA via AP)

(WTNH) — You may still be paying off that summer vacation, but if you’re planning to travel for Thanksgiving, get that credit card back out again.

We are stretching your dollar with why early September is a good time to start researching flights.

While the holiday is a few months away, experts say it’s never too early to plan for Thanksgiving travel. In fact, it could save you money.

According to Consumer Reports, you’ll find the lowest holiday airfares if you book travel early in September.

Flexibility can help when searching for inexpensive fares.

For instance, planning to return after the weekend ends — maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday — can help keep prices down.

For last minute travelers, there’s still hope for low priced fares.

According to new numbers from the online travel search engine skyscanner, some great Thanksgiving holiday travel deals in the past have been found two to three weeks in advance.

The website says those beginning their travels on Tuesday or Wednesday can find the best deals one month to two weeks in advance while week-long travelers’ lowest fares tend to be found two months before the holiday to two weeks out.

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