State trooper becomes ‘skate’ trooper to help build community park


SILVERTON, Oregon (KGW8/NBC) – Instead of cracking down on skateboarders, one Oregon state trooper joins in the fun – and is even trying to help skaters get a new place of their own.

Nic Rumsey’s pretty darned good at riding a skateboard.

He skated a lot growing up. Then he put it down for a while.

“I took 9-10 years off, got my career started, started a family,” Rumsey said. “And now that my kids are starting to grow up I’d like to introduce them to what I grew up doing.”

Before starting at Oregon State Patrol, Rumsey was an officer in Independence, Oregon, for eight years.

He’d skateboard there occasionally, community policing kids.

“I’d get out and I’d borrow a board and I’d do tricks with them and they’d always be ‘oh, wow, a skateboarding officer!’ So it was always fun to kind of surprise people like that.”

Now, it’s no surprise he’s giving back to that community, and nearby Monmouth, where a skatepark is growing into more than a dream.

The trooper joined up with others, who’ve come up with an awesome design and are fundraising, to help the city make it happen.

The 12,000 square foot park is no small undertaking. They need to raise about $250,000 dollars.

So the trooper’s been taking his own time, in uniform, to help raise money with other good people.

“There’s stereotypes for everybody, including skateboarders, so the stereotype that everybody’s out there causing problems, getting in trouble doing drugs at the skatepark really isn’t true,” Rumsey said.

He spent some time connecting with people at the Silverton skatepark, then he got back down to business, skating in the bowl, hanging the edge.

Nic Rumsey is happy to do it, to give kids like he used to be a place to go ride.

The skate park is likely a few years out, but with help from their community, Trooper Rumsey believes they will reach their $250,000 goal.

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