STUDY: Nearly 17% of vehicles on road have open safety recalls

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Hopefully, you moved your clocks forward an hour on Sunday.

You probably rely pretty heavily on your alarm clock or phone to ensure you wake up on time, but the thing that gets you from point a to point b. When was the last time you checked to make sure it was up to date on its safety standards?

3 Steps to Checking for Vehicle Recalls (NHTSA)

Showing VIN on car windshield and door

Find your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Look for the 17-character VIN on the lower left of your car’s windshield, or on the label inside your driver-side doorjamb. You might also find your VIN on your vehicle’s registration or your insurance documents. 

Search using your VIN at Your search will tell you if there’s an open safety recall affecting your vehicle and what steps to take.

Get your vehicle repaired for free immediately if you have an open recall. Follow the steps indicated by the response to your VIN search. Your vehicle’s manufacturer is required by law to address your recall—and again it’s a FREE repair.

The Stakes

NHTSA administered almost 900 safety recalls affecting over 38 million vehicles in 2019. Every recall is serious. Yet only about 75% of vehicles recalled in a given year are ever fixed. Being part of that other 25% puts you, your passengers, and others on the road at risk.

Check Car Seats, Tires, and Vehicle-Related Equipment Too

Recalls are also issued for child car seatstires, and vehicle-related equipment like bike racks. If any of these items are recalled, manufacturers are required to fix the problem by repairing it, replacing it or offering a refund. You can check for these recalls at, too.

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