SPARKS IN THE SKY: Firework season starts with the Fourth of July holiday around the corner



The countdown is on, we are exactly one week away from the Fourth of July. This means good food, friends, and of course fireworks.

Inside “Stateline Fire Works” in Tyler you can find Maria Alvarez.

“Usually around the 3rd and the 4rth is when we get hit our hardest, and we’re ready as you can see we’re stalked up we’re ready to go,” explains Alvarez.

She’s been in the business for over ten years, and walking through the store she says “oh my goodness.” That was Alverez’s answer when we asked her how many different brands of fireworks the store has.

You can practically find it all.

Whether your feeling “groovy”, “happy” or your simply setting off fireworks “just because”, getting what you need for the holiday can be easy.

But before lighting the sky, they say it’s important to stop, and look at the warning before setting the spark. Something many people don’t do.”

“You know honestly, that’s probably one of the things we do not do,” says Jamie Rodriguez, who is shopping around for fireworks.

Rodriguez says the best part of the Fourth of July and lighting the sky is picking out which one to buy.

“We like the big show up there in the sky, so we kind of just go by the big things, so there really is no way of choosing them, just whatever attracts us,” explains Rodriguez.

However, that big show, could be dangerous.

“It’s just like your medications warning do not take this and drive. warning do not light this and hold it,” explains Alverez.

A dramatic demonstration shows what she means.

More than 9 thousand people were hurt during last year’s Fourth of July season. Despite the risks, it’s an annual tradition that’s fun all ages.

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