‘Rudi the red-nosed dog’ gets second chance at life


HOUSTON, Texas (KETK) – A Texas shelter dog that resembles Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is getting a second chance at life.

The staff at BARC Animal Shelter in Houston named this chihuahua Rudi because of the red mass on her nose.

Vets think the masses on her face and neck may be cancerous, but the shelter wasn’t equipped for a proper diagnosis or treatment.

On Tuesday, Rudi left the shelter for another rescue group that will be able to get her proper treatment.

“Rudi was special because nobody had seen something like that enter the shelter with the mass in that situation,” said Jennifer Barrera, BARC outreach manager. “She had a great spirit even though she was in that situation.”

The shelter says Rudi is very friendly, eats well and seems to be in good shape aside from her “unique” characteristics.

Rudi’s rescuers, Long Way Home Adoptables, are taking in donations to help in the chihuahua’s care, as well as the care of other canines taken in by them.

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