RATTLESNAKE, URANIUM and WHISKEY: Oklahoma traffic stop gets weird


GUTHRIE, Oklahoma (KETK) – What started out as a routine traffic stop in Oklahoma got really weird really fast.

Police officers in Guthrie stopped a vehicle with an expired tag. The car had two occupants in the front seat – driver Stephen Jennings and passenger Rachel Rivera.

Then they discovered a third passenger in the backseat – a timber rattlesnake.

Video from the officer’s bodycam shows the moment he discovers that third passenger.

And it just got stranger from there.

Jennings informed the officers he had a pistol in the console. Police learned the car was stolen.

A search of the vehicle revealed an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey – and a container of powdered uranium.

Which, by the way, is radioactive.

Police called in reinforcements, in the form of a company that deals with radioactive material.

Jennings and Rivera were arrested. Charges against the two include possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a firearm after a former conviction.

So far, the uranium hasn’t resulted in charges. Guthrie police are still trying to figure out exactly where it came from and what the suspects were planning on doing with it.

Also no word on rattlesnake-related charges.

Both are still in Logan County Jail.

And Guthrie police have quite the story to tell.

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