Raccoon climbing St. Paul office tower becomes internet hero (heroine?)

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (KETK) - A raccoon scaling an office building in St. Paul, Minnesota, has become the latest hero of the internet.

Onlookers and media kept track of the animal as it climbed the UBS Tower Tuesday, distracting people from work and causing anxiety for many. By Tuesday afternoon, it had stopped on a ledge 20 stories high.



Even the Washington Post took a break from covering this nation's politics and other major stories to join those watching one little critter making its way up the side of a building.

Twitter (naturally) embraced the raccoon, giving it a hashtag, #mprraccoon, and investing emotionally in animal's progress.


The raccoon, fondly renamed "trash panda" by Twitter, got its own Moment, and - of course - its own Twitter handle.



The windows of the UBS Tower don't open, hampering any efforts at rescue, though Twitter was not without suggestions to cut holes in the glass.

Actual plans reportedly involve traps set on the roof of the building ... which, of course, requires the raccoon to get all the way to the top.

Until that happens, the internet waits, and watches, and holds its breath for one little trash panda high above the streets of St. Paul.



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