New college set in Jacksonville

What was once Lon Morris College in Jacksonville will be transforming into a new campus for the fall. People who live in Jacksonville are still sad about Lon Morris shutting its doors.
“When the college closed down it was a sad time for the town,” Charles Gaskin, faculty and admissions said. “The feedback has been positive from people all over.”
Carver Christian University thinks Jacksonville is the perfect town for new opportunity.
” I’m extremely excited that this fire has been ignited,” DeWayne Hollins, president of Carver Christian University, said.
Hollins says the college has a lot to offer. They plan to house up to 400 students. It’s a four-year university that will also offer masters and doctorates degrees.
He says the foundation is theology, but they offer a variety of liberal arts programs.
“Carver Christian University is a diverse institution,” Hollins said. “As the president,  I  have an open door policy.”
The university wanted to emphasize diversity. Hollins says the new university should open many doors, not only to students, but for residents, and businesses.
The director of facilities says there’s a lot of work to do but they’re making huge progress.
“If we have a great plan and a great vision, then we can overcome all those things standing in the way of us starting on time,” Michael Mathis, facilities director, said.
A professor says he’s excited to start teaching in Jacksonville. He believes the college has a purpose and will hopefully influence lives.
“It’s my job to point them in directions where they can fulfill themselves,” Clyde B. Jackson, professor, said.
For more information, you can contact Charles Gaskin at 903-393-2768. He can help with any enrollment questions or questions about Carver Christian University. To apply, visit the website here.

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