Times Square sent into a panic after motorcycle backfire mistaken for gunfire


NEW YORK (KETK) – Times Square tourists were sent into a panic Tuesday night after hearing what they believed to be gunshots, but was later found to be a motorcycle backfire.

The NYPD sais the sounds were heard late at night around a group of tourists. Most people were unaware of what was going on and took off running as they say the initial group flee.

Witness say they saw people climbing over each other and screaming.

“We were coming out of the theater and there was a big stampede. People were screaming and crying and climbing over each other. She was pushed up… My daughter was pushed up against the door and I was on a pile of people inside the door. I couldn’t reach her. Everyone thought there was shooter coming down the street and I thought I was going to watch my daughter get shot down in front of me.”

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