National blood shortage raises concerns for East Texans


Carter BloodCare says with the help of blood drives throughout the school year, blood is usually plentiful.

But every summer, when school lets out, there is a massive drop in donations.

This year, the decline is lower than ever and it happened sooner than expected. Leaving our local blood banks with an extremely low supply. The demand, however, stays the same. They tell us they are barely able to keep up with how much the hospitals need each day.

“Everyday we have to see the same amount of donors, because the hospitals use weather it’s rain, snow, sleet, or shine, they’re still having patients come in,” said Clinton McCoy with Carter BloodCare in Tyler. “Those patients are our community members, they’re our friends, families, and neighbors and so we really rely on those donors to weather the weather and come out hot or cold to donate blood.”

And even Facebook is getting involved, launching a blood donor feature on their website. It will alert registered donors when their blood is needed and where they can donate.

Your donation can save three lives. Donate today.


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