Longview hosts Ink Life Tour 2016


Tattoo artists from all over the country went to Longview over the weekend to show their talents in the Ink Life Tour Tattoo and Music Festival 2016.

“You come in, you get to meet all these different artists that you see in magazines all the time, never been exposed to, it’s artwork that you usually can’t get,” The MC of the event said. “Just about anything you need to accessorize your tattoo lifestyle is in one room for one weekend.”

He says the turn out was huge and the feedback from everyone was all positive.

“This year is by far the most successful year we’ve had. We’ve had several thousands of people walk through the door this weekend. We give almost like a carnival or circus feel to the thing, it’s an event, something to do, and we got a lot of families in here.”

The attraction has brought in hundreds of people from outside the community.

“We’re bringing more money into longview now and stimulating the local economy as well. It’s just a win win for the city and for us.”

One girl started her tattoo on the first day of the event and was happy to support one of her favorite artists.

“This whole thing has been a life changing experience. I’ve sat down in the chair for over 15 hours. I’m ready to see the finished product, this is so exciting.”

Tattoo artists all seemed to agree the tour was a hit and can’t wait for more to come in future years.

“If you haven’t done an expo you have to make sure you come out and check it out. It’s something you gotta do, something you gotta see.”

“We do this for the love of it. I mean the tattoos and the piercings, I mean the whole thing is doing something for yourself.”

“The artists, everyone in the community, it’s just love, it’s great to feel that.”

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