Huntington family searching for lost hero dog


A family in Huntington is worried sick about their missing dog who is very much a member of their family.

He has even been hailed as a hero for saving a life.

To most people a dog is so much more than a pet, they’re a member of the family.

For Lauren Carter, her dog Drake is no different.

“We purchased Drake as a six-week-old puppy and trained him from the get go,” said Lauren Carter, Drake’s owner. “He’s been our family member and now he’s our nine month old son’s dog.”

The now seven year old yellow lab disappeared on June 12, seemingly without a trace.

“Feels like your heart’s been ripped out, like you’ll never get a piece of your family back like your child is missing,” said Carter.

Since she was a junior in high school Carter has had a strong relationship with Drake.

At a pond in a back yard Drake became more than just a family pet, it was where he became a hero dog.

One cold winter day, the two were out training another dog.

But when that dog couldn’t swim back, Carter and Drake went in and hypothermia eventually set in.

“I got about 50 yards from the bank and I couldn’t move my limbs, I couldn’t breathe, felt like I was sinking,” said Carter. “Drake was swimming circles around the two of us and I ended up grabbing a hold of his tail and he drug us both to the bank and saved my life.”

Then, when Carter’s son was born, the labrador gladly adopted a new role as big brother and supreme protector.

“Constantly protecting the baby, sleeps by his crib nonstop, playing with him, lets the baby crawl all over him, tolerates everything,” said Carter. “He has been his absolute sidekick and shadow since then, he has not left his side.”

The family has been putting up pictures of Drake all around Huntington, in hopes that someone can help bring him home.

“We have passed out 150 flyers, we have went door to door to probably 300 or 400 homes in Huntington,” said Carla Kelley, Lauren Carter’s mother. “The people that I talk to they have been truly phenomenal, they all say we don’t want a reward, we just want you to find your dog.”

To some he may just be a dog, but to them Drake is family.

The family has increased the reward for finding Drake from $1,000 to $2,000 no questions asked.

They say drake may be skittish, being away from home for more than a week so if you see him, don’t try to catch him, just call the family.

They can be reached at 936-366-5668 for Lauren or 936-366-7069 for Carla.

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