“HONOR DOESN’T EXPIRE”: Trinity County honors former deputy a decade after a horrific crash


A former deputy severely injured in the line of duty more than 10 years ago is finally getting recognized.

In Trinity County many gathered to honor, Henry Giles.

After he was injured, he was nearly forgotten but he was finally given the honor he deserved.

“Sometimes officers that are injured in these accidents are actually forgotten so today we are here to honor Henry Giles and let him know we have not forgotten him for his dedication and for his sacrifice to Trinity County,” said precinct 4 Constable Reggie Olive.

Constable Olive had wanted to formally give Giles his due honor and respect for quite some time.

In his search for a way to have the ceremony he came across Peace Officers Angels Foundation.

“We honor officers that have suffered a line-of-duty injury,” said Maria Alvarado, founder of Peace Officers Angels Foundation. “A lot of times these officers either isolate themselves, they suffer more psychological than physical injuries.”

In October of 2008 deputy Giles was on his way to a call on highway 94.

While en route he hit a deer, lost control and slammed into a tree.

“He suffered many broken bones, a closed head injury, he was taken to East Texas Medical Center where he was treated there in Tyler,” said Constable Olive.

He would be in rehab for the next two years, giles would recover but not fully.

“The challenge not walking, I feel bad about that,” said Henry Giles. “I have to use a walker everywhere I go but it beats sitting down all the time.”

During all that time his wife stood beside him until she died of cancer last year.

“She never left me, she told the doctors I would come out of that coma, she never left my side,” Giles said. “She was always with me.”

Representatives from the offices of Congressman Kevin Brady AND State Representative Trent Ashby presented giles with an American flag and a Texas flag that had flown over their respective capitols.

“I loved the look on his face when we kept saying the word ‘honor’, ‘respect’, ‘dignity’ because that’s what he deserves,” said Alvarado.

Powerful words for a man who is clearly loved by the community he once helped protect and serve.

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