West Nile, Zika viruses creating increase in mosquito control business

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Thanks to two viruses that welcomed there way into East Texas, mosquito control companies are swamped with business. Mosquito Joe said they’re busy around the clock during this time of year anyway, but the recent disease concerns have created more interest. 

“Busy, busy, busy,” said Ron Smith, Co-Owner of Mosquito Joe. “We were getting a lot of calls when they first started with the Zika virus because a lot of ladies are pregnant this time of year.”

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, as of Wednesday, Texas has had 80 reported cases of Zika virus.

“The West Nile that was located last week in Tyler, we’ve had a bunch of calls about that now,” said Smith.

This testing added Smith County to the list of 16 positive areas in the state. Mosquito Joe is offering a special for that area in Tyler affected by West Nile.

“We will be tagging doors in that area, running a special, $49 off the first time spray,” he said.

Mosquito Joe has nine technicians and serves nine different counties, spraying houses, commercial property and events.

“We’re averaging about 80 to 150 a week,” he said.

Smith said there’s one simple thing people can do to prevent being bitten by a mosquito.

“Get rid of all water. Any standing water around your house, get rid of it. In wheelbarrows, cans, Frisbees, tires, get rid of all that water.”

Give it a day or two without clearing it out and he said larvae will be rampant. 

“We rid your property of mosquitoes, where you can get outside and enjoy outside again.”

For more information about Mosquito Joe, visit here.


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