‘WE OWE IT TO OUR TOWN’: San Augustine Wolves headed to semifinals after devastating spring tornados

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SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas (KETK) – In the spring, San Augustine was ripped apart by a devastating tornado but that didn’t stop the town from gathering together and celebrating what they had left.

The San Augustine Wolves are undefeated and will soon play in the semifinals.

Though the town has recovered some from that fateful night, the scars still remain, and the memory is still fresh.

“We go into my momma’s room and they put a mattress on top of us,” said Tyrandis Johnson, Wolves receiver and linebacker. “After it stopped we came back outside, couldn’t see nothing and when morning time hit I just cried because seeing everything and how everything looked, the town wasn’t the same or nothing, I just cried.”

The devastation shook the town, but no one had time to grieve before getting back to work.

“We were getting ready to go to a regional track meet the next day,” said Tory Barnes, San Augustine Teacher/coach. “So we had these situations come up.”

“So having to go through all of that with a lot of stress already, then having to get up early in the morning to get my mind right to go run at the regional track meet it shook me up,” said Chaztyn Suell who runs track for San Augustine.

While the damage was unimaginable, experiencing the tornado and seeing the damage first-hand gave them something to fight for.

“The tornado is actually what pushed me to do as well we did,” Suell said.

Come next school year, that feeling was only amplified.

“I feel like it brought us together and wanted us to show that just because something horrible happened doesn’t mean we’re going to give up,” said Ardriah Mosby, San Augustine cheerleader.

Through all the hardship the players say they have an obligation to win. Not to each other, not to the team, not to the school but their entire town.

“We just owe this all to our town,” said TJ. “I feel like when the storm came it was our time, everybody got that feeling like boom. The playoffs came, everything that we all talked about, was ‘hey this is our year, we all came close but the town is depending on us’. I just feel like we’re about to come out and bring the storm to Refugio, it’s going to be a game and I just hope ya’ll are there to see it.”

San Augustine will face off against Refugio in Cypress on December 12.

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