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WATCH: Eric Manges takes on HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity at Six Flags Over Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas (KETK) - Six Flags Over Texas, the Thrill Capital of Texas, debuted their the next generation of sinister thrills with the opening of the first ride of its kind, HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity

And KETK's Eric Manges was there to witness the madness!

Nestled next to THE JOKER in the GOTHAM CITY section of the park, this unpredictable and mesmerizing attraction is just as thrilling to watch as it will be to ride.

Staying true to its namesake, DC iconic super villain Harley Quinn, and inspired by the movement of a gyroscope, this ride promises to deliver a new level of thrills with unpredictable, gravity-defying flips, twists and turns.

HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity features a unique futuristic triple box design that allows the gondola to spin around three separate axes while rotating forward, backwards and sideways simultaneously at up to 70' in the air. Seated 24 across with over-the-shoulder harnesses, riders will experience a thrilling combination of negative and positive gravitational forces. By night, the attraction promises to light up the North Texas skies beckoning thrill seekers from near and far.

HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity highlights include:

1) Unpredictable flips and pivots at heights up to seven stories above the ground

2) Unnerving floorless seats that leave riders' feet dangling as they whirl through the air

3) Dazzling nighttime light display

4) Located in the GOTHAM CITY section of the park

The ride officially opens to the public on Saturday, July 14.

To purchase your tickets to Six Flags Over Texas, click here.

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