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In his 2018 State of the City address for Tyler Wednesday, Mayor Martin Heines shared obstacles and important issues the city faced in 2018 and steps the city has taken to improve them.

One of the big ones that was also on last year’s list, traffic. Heines said Broadway was the 67th most congested city street in the entire state of Texas.

This year doesn’t seem to be much different for drivers.

Conversation around many office water coolers in Tyler revovles around traffic. For some it’s how long it took to get to work or an appointment. For others, a quick drive down the street can turn into quite an errand if you leave at the wrong time.

“We have up to 250,000 people a day in the city and we have a trade area of 650,000 people,” said Mayor Martin Heines. “There’s a lot of people moving around in Tyler, not just the residents.”

Some say they really feel the congestion, others, not so much.

“Broadway is way overdue for being expanded,” said one citizen. “It should have been expanded a long time ago.”

“It’s a headache, actually a headache,” said another.

“It can be hectic at times, you know, it just depends on the time of day,” said a Tyler resident. “But other than that, for the most part, it’s ok.”

But drivers can rest easy knowing that the City of Tyler is working to ease those concerns by upgrading the traffic light system that’s been used since the 70s in an effort to better serve the growing city.

“So it’s not only new streets, new highways, expanding highways, but it’s also how do we best use what we have,” said Heines. “And that can be a traffic light utilization system.”

One other way they hope to get drivers in gear is projects by TxDot that promise to expand widely used roads and improve their safety features.

“The last four or five years, they have really stepped up and been a benefit to our community with the 100,000,000 they’ve pledged to increase roadways into our community.”

Getting you where you’re going a lot quicker.

Mayor Heines also touched on water, sewer, drainage, and street improvements, as well as celebrating the most recent public safety campaigns and upgrades to city parks.

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