Trane Technologies limiting workers, increasing sanitation protocols after employee tests positive for coronavirus

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – On Tuesday, Trane Technologies in Tyler temporarily closed after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus.

One employee, who requested to stay anonymous, said they were informed about the positive case through a voicemail and media.

“There are 1200 people throughout that facility throughout the day, and how do we know whose sick and you’re coming in contact with people all day long, every shift,” said the employee.

Trane released a statement saying they will be closed for two weeks to limit the number of people in the facilities and follow CDC guidelines by daily cleaning, sanitation efforts, hygiene best practices, social distancing, and passive screening.

They also said production employees not part of the essential workforce will remain home but will be paid.

“These measures are designed to ensure the safety of our people and stop the spread of coronavirus in our community. We are grateful for the efforts of our voluntary essential workforce in Tyler, and the resilience of all of our people during this unprecedented public health crisis,” said Perri Richman, with Trane Technologies.

Below are the steps they are the safety protocols they are implementing across all their plants:

  • Implemented protocol for anyone with symptoms or with exposure to someone with symptoms to stay away from the plant, or leave and self-quarantine for 14 days. From there, we notified anyone who had direct access to that person and cleaned the workstation
  • Distributed 225 bottles of pH7Q hand sanitizer and 75 large bottles of work station sanitizer, and ensured that all restrooms had soap
  • Increased cleaning of common areas like restrooms and breakrooms from 1x/day to 3x/day (including evenings). Used 60+ gallons of sanitizer on factory walls, spraying turnstiles and forklifts multiple times a day
  • Stocked medical services with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, respirators, gowns, gloves, sanitizer spray and face shields, which are available to employees as they need it
  • Put new social distancing measures in place including spacing at time clocks and limited gatherings
  • Conducting daily practices that include employee self-assessments, passive screenings, refreshing awareness posters, and leadership by walking around

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