Kilgore Townhall with State Rep. Jay Dean: “Hearing first hand what’s important.”

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KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – State Representative Jay Dean met with voters Monday night, to find out what issues are most important to them.

This is his third town hall since the session ended just two months ago, and believes it’s an opportunity for not only lawmakers, but voters to have their voices heard.

This legislative session was full of key issues, from property tax reform to education, and the town-hall was a way for voters to understand why certain decisions were made.

State Representative Jay Dean visited with constituents in Kilgore, recapping the progress made in the 86th legislative session.

“I want to know what’s going on in terms of taxes, the laws, things of that nature. We are definitely not aware of what laws are being passed that effects us,” says longtime Gregg County resident, Troy Murrain.

Monday’s meeting gave people like Murrain a chance to find out what’s really going on in Austin.

“I want to know the laws and bills that are being passed that effects us in the community, rather than complaining about it, but do you know what’s being passed, no,” explains Murrain.

Representative Dean pointed to property tax reform as a key issue tackled this session.

“I think that’s an accomplishment we can all be proud of, the property tax reform that we worked on was a great beginning to try and reduce our citizens’ property taxes,” says Representative Dean.

During the meeting, Representative Dean made a point out the issue of transparency when it comes to property texas, noting a part of the problem is owners not being to find out why their taxes go up, and what contributes to the final number.

This is an issue Dean says will have to be addressed in 2021.

“We basically just got to a point where we ran out of money and in order to compress the propety tax rate on our homeowners, we are going to have to find other avenues,” explains Representative Dean.

No matter the topic, Representative Dean believes town halls like these, allowing East Texans to express which issues are most important to them.

Representative Dean isn’t the only one who believes this session was a success. Governor Abbott talked with KETK shorty after the Legislative ended, highlighting key issues.

Governor Abbott mentioned the chaos behind the plumbing profession. This is a topic Representative Dean brought home to plumbers in early July, by meeting with those concerned about how the state licenses people in the industry.

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