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Texarkana shooting victim speaks out

TEXARKANA, Texas (KETK) - The only victim to survive a weekend shooting in Texarkana is now speaking.

Vickie Simpson, 59, was shot twice in the arm and chest Saturday morning.

"I felt it, it started hurting burning," Simpson said. "I said something's wrong. I wasn't sure at first I'd been shot."

Her grandson, Tracey Fielding, died in the same incident.

"I can not understand why they took my grandson's life and me begging them not to," she said. "He wasn't nothing but 21 years old and had a year-old baby."

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Simpson says, she overheard her grandson arguing. When she went outside, one of the suspects fired a gun.

"He said, what if I don't what are you going to do?" she recalled.  "And that's when he pulled the gun out. I said, put that up, don't. That's when he looked at me and shot." 

"There was a disagreement between the four parties there about some marijuana that had been purchased," said Shawn Vaughn. Texarkana PD public information officer.

Three brothers - Jacarie Sims, Dequlain Sims, and Jacoby Johnson - face murder and aggravated assault charges in the case.

Neighbors say the neighborhood is a pretty rough area.

Back in January, an unrelated fatal shooting happened in the alley behind the house where the shooting occurred over the weekend.

"I didn't hear the gunshots, but I saw the police down there because police are always here," said Carl Brown, a neighbor.

Fielding's family says they see police in the area often, and they have faith in the justice system.

"I hope they burn in hell," said Teresa Simpson, Fielding's sister-in-law. "You don't take someone's life."

The men accused of the shooting are each being held  at the bi-state jail on bonds of $1.1 million dollars each.

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