STRENGTH THROUGH ADVERSITY: Three-time Olympic gold medalist visits Alto

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ALTO, Texas (KETK)–Alto had a very special visitor today, five-time Olympic medalist and three-time gold medalist Josh Davis.

Josh Davis won three gold medals in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, the first athlete to win three gold medals in the same event during the same Olympics.

He came and met with people and spoke to them about being resilient and overcoming whatever the world throws at them.

After spending the day with athletes and teachers at the school, Josh Davis spoke at the First Baptist Church.

“All of us have a gift, all of us have a chance to work hard and be great at something and give back and so that’s what’s even better than winning a gold medal is using your gifts and talents to give back and this community does that very well.”

Josh Davis

Since April, Alto has done just that.

Ordinary people stepped up and did whatever they could to help their neighbors.

“This town has gone through some trials and tough times with the big tornado. I now live in Oklahoma in Tornado Alley so I know that’s like and I’m just really proud of this community, how they’ve come together and helped each other. I’m excited for these young people because this adversity is going to make them stronger.”

A point that was not lost among the crowd.

“I think that’s when we grow the most, is when we’re faced with adversity and if we pull together as a family, like we’ve always done this community is fantastic about coming together, we put God first in our life and understand that that’s where our joy ultimately comes from then I think we’re going to be just fine,” said Melissa Wood, an Alto resident.

Before Davis could leave, Alto had a special gift for him, something he never would have expected.

“I made him an honorary Cherokee County trusty,” said Judge Chris Davis, Cherokee County Judge. “And you know the uniforms are orange and he’s a UT guy so I thought it was very appropriate.”

When it was over, people got the chance to pose with him, even wear a real gold medal, and as Davis says–it may not be the last time they wear one.

“Who knows? There’s a gold medalist that could come out of Alto, Texas but more importantly, do your best and give back and that’s what makes you a champion in life.”

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