Store owner defends reputation from price gouging accusation

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RED SPRINGS, Texas (KETK)- Due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 across the nation, the Texas Attorney General is cracking down on price gouging, an illegal act caused by people purchasing products and selling them at a high cost. 

AB Country store, which has been in Red Springs for over twenty years, was shocked when a shopper accused them of price gouging. They say the claim is false.

“The tissue on average is been about a $1.59 per roll for the same brand. So when I went in there and they were charging $3.59, you know, and they weren’t really charging me for toilet paper they were charging me for a bag of potato chips, that’s not right, that’s deceptive, that’s fraud,” said David Warren, a shopper.

Speaking with the store manager, she said the claim was false and that the shopper should have spoken up if something was not right.

“Then how come he didn’t say ‘Hey wait a minute this is too high because I don’t mind giving nobody their money back, nobody,” said Sherry Fields, owner of AB Country Store. “I’ve never had a problem here and if this customer had a problem, he should’ve come to me.”

The AB Country Store is putting this incident behind them and are focusing on serving their community.

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