SPECIAL REPORT: Sleepless East Texans can get help from special lab

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – More than 70 percent of people suffer from insufficient sleep in some sort of way and there are more than 80 different disorders that people are being diagnosed with.

At the Sleep Institute of Texas in Tyler, they’re diagnosing and treating people every day for sleep disorders, becoming more and more common.

Sleep plays an important role in our health and well-being.

“Sleep is responsible for reorganizing memory banks, healing your body, restoring chemicals in your brain and body, restoring tissues that are damaged,” Dr. Raghavendra Ghuge, MD, said.

We’re beyond scratching the surface of its benefits, now it’s scientific.

“20,000 papers are published every year, a lot of research on sleep,” Dr. Ghuge said.

It might surprise you just how many sleep disorders there actually are. The CDC is even calling it an epidemic. Every part of our body is affected by our sleep or lack of.

“Cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, organ systems, diabetes, all of them,” Dr. Ghuge said. “It’s a big burden.”

This means bad sleep can lead to severe issues.

“It causes sleep disruption, it causes blood pressure to go up,” Dr. Ghuge said. “People will have heart attacks or strokes in their sleep.”

One of the most common disorders is sleep apnea.

“When the tongue falls back in the air passage, the air passage closes, you may stop breathing, you may have a lack of oxygen or excessive breathing effort kind of like you’re running on a track.”

Running on a track while you’re supposed to be getting your rest, that’s what one man experienced in his sleep. His wife and daughter first pointing it out.

“They were scared for me because when you’re asleep you don’t know that’s going on,” Carlos Juarez, a patient, said.

That’s when it’s suggested to visit a sleep lab. Which he did and was treated for sleep apnea.

“I just feel better throughout the day, I mean I remember how I was and how I am now,” Juarez said. “I notice it, it’s great.”

“The amount of information you get out of a sleep test is enormous,” Dr. Ghuge said.

Doctor Ghuge is hoping for two things. One being more education.

“It would not be uncommon or unrealistic to try and get high schoolers to have a class on sleep.”

Which he’s hoping would lead to more awareness.

If you have trouble sleeping or need more information about sleep labs and studies, you may call Dr. Ghuge at 903 787 7533 or visit their website at sleeptyler.com

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