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SPECIAL REPORT: A Tribute to Trevor Morris

'He could have written off the call from God, but he didn't'

BROWNSBORO, Texas (KETK) - One year ago from Friday marks a day most people in East Texas remember exactly what they were doing. 

The moment when a plane carrying beloved pastor Trevor Morris went crashing down in a field near the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. 

Morris was best known by his community of Brownsboro for leading the sermons on Sunday mornings at Union Hill Baptist Church. 

So on July 13, 2017, there were hundreds of hearts that were broken. 

None more than Morris' wife Nafisa and his 5 children. 

"Trevor and I had talked about growing old together," said Nafisa. 

Morris was 39 years old when he died and in that time, he changed a lot of lives. 

Including his best friend and employer Preston Burton. 

"There's not a 13th of the month that doesn't pass there's rarely a Thursday where I don't think about that day. Trevor is my best friend and one of the single most influential individuals in my life," said Burton. 

Burton says it was one month after his best friend passed away that he went out to the crash site. It was there that he felt God was pulling at his heart to take over where Morris left off. To take over the Sunday sermons at Union Hill. 

"I prayed to God. In that moment and just gave everything I had to him and said Lord, I don't know what my life looks lie in the future, but I know you do and you're in control," said Burton. 

Bill Wallace, a deacon at Union Hill of twenty years said, "We didn't know what to expect at first, but we didn't have anyone but substitutes for 2 months and our church was ready for a pastor."

So just like his brother before him, the mentoree was ready to step up behind the pulpit. 

"Trevor had discipled him and mentored him over time. To know that he had been grooming him for this job for that time though is extraordinary," said Nafisa. 

"He was not a any kind of student from the bible," said Wallace. 

He did however have a friend. 

A best friend in Trevor Morris and when God called Burton answered. 

"He could have written off the call from God. I think a lot of people do," said Morris. 

9 years ago when Morris and Burton met, he and his wife Christie didn't necessarily have a church home. 

"I absolutely had doubts. I wrote down a list of every reason to not be the pastor of this church." 

Being a husband and father first and business owner second. 

Burton says he didn't have a lot of time on his hands. 

"God created time itself. If that's my biggest hangup, I knew he would figure it out," said Burton. 

It's been said that it doesn't matter how long you live, but what you do with the time you have here. 

Morris lived a full life. 

Everyone he knew says they know exactly where he is. 

He's where he lead other people to. 

"In heaven with Jesus," said Wallace. 

"I think that Trevor lives in eternity in the presences of God almighty," said Burton. 

"Trevor may not be here, but his legacy lives on," said Nafisa. 

His story on this earth ended in that field near the airport one year ago. 

"Something miraculous happened there. It's a special place to remember a friend. Remember a brother," said Burton. 

When Preston and Christie had a new baby boy, they knew the best name for him. 

A name for a hero. 


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