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Like children get As through Fs for their school work, so too will Texas school districts and the schools within them. It’s part of a change in the way the state grades them, and some school districts are not happy about it.

“Whitehouse ISD does not believe that the A-F rating system provides an accurate picture of what our students are really doing here in our district,” Whitehouse ISD Superintendent Chris Moran said.

Moran said it ignores the unique talents of students.

“You can’t measure on this system the benefits that are being provided through all of our career and technical programs, agriculture, welding, health sciences,” Moran said.

Kilgore ISD also denounced it on Facebook saying:

A-F Ratings Available … Check out 494 fun-filled pages of “report.” And this was supposed to make it easier for citizens to understand what is happening in their schools????

Tyler ISD Superintendent is more supportive of the new system.

“I think it’s something to certainly be concerned about but at the same time, find a way to win,” Tyler ISD Superintendent Marty Crawford said. “That’s what these accountability systems are about, is finding out how you can score.”

He said the ratings that came out Friday are preliminary and there is still time to make adjustments before 2018, which he acknowledged will be necessary.

“Right now you can be at 90 percent or above and still be a D or F in a domain,” Crawford said.

Some parents were shocked Friday at the ratings of of their childrens’ schools.

“They deserve more than that,” a Rice Elementary parent said.

“It doesn’t seem like an accurate representation of what the schools are capable of,” a Bullard parent said.

“I think they do a great job there I am very surprised at the grade standards you told me about it just seems antiquated I don’t know,” a Clarkston Elementary parent said.

Bullard ISD also released a statement, saying:

“Bullard ISD values accountability as it pertains to outcomes that improve Teaching and Learning.
The new A-F accountability system has many untested variables and will require a significant amount
of analysis over time before it is proven to be an effective measuring tool that leads to the improvement
of student achievement. We are proud of the students and teachers on our campuses and the
accomplishments they have achieved whether they are evident in the new accountability system or
they are not. BISD will ALWAYS continue to be passionate about using data to continuously improve
at meeting the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of our students.” 

For more information on the new system, click here.

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