Safety reminders as freezing weather arrives in East Texas

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TYLER, Texas (KETK)- As freezing temperatures arrive, experts around East Texas are urging residents to take certain steps to ensure their families and home stay safe.

When it comes to cold weather, it’s important to remember the four P’s including pets, pipes, people and plants.

Covering pipes and allowing water to run through can prevent liquids inside of them from freezing and breaking the pipework.

“Once they freeze it’s not really the faucet that freezes, but it freezes back into the wall,” said John Crymes, owner of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. “That pipe might rupture then we get a leak. So when things thaw out, water starts going everywhere.”

Plants can be covered with a tarp or wrap to keep frost off but should be uncovered immediately when the sun comes out to prevent overheating.

In terms of people, the elderly and young children are the most vulnerable in freezing temperatures.

Experts suggest keeping these groups indoors whenever possible, or dressing them in warm coats with gloves if they leave the home.

Lastly, pets often need to be brought in during a freeze.

“Their water needs to be checked in the mornings because if it freezes, they go all day without water and they can dehydrate,” said Deborah Dobbs, the president of the SPCA East Texas. “Turning the opening of your dog house or your barrel away from the north so the north wind isn’t blowing in.”

Another thing to remember in cold weather is to keep space heaters at least three feet away from flammable items and unplug them when you leave the home.

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