Residential burglaries spike in July

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More houses are broken into in the month of July than any other months in the year, except for December and January.  Family vacations are a big reason for that statistic.
In 2015, there were more than 7500 theft claims in Texas, and more than 700 of those claims were filed in July.
“It happens everywhere,” said State Farm agent, John Merrill.  “There is no discrimination against it from thieves.  They hit the southern part of Tyler as much as the north, so I mean it’s all over the place.”
There are some ways to deter thieves from targeting you.
“If a thief wants to get in your home, they’re going to get in your home whether or not you have an alarm, but what it will do is hopefully they will skip your house because you do have an alarm system, and they’ll go to the next,” said Merrill.
Don’t leave valuable items in front of the window.
“They look through a window, and they see jewelry sitting there, IPad or electronic device, and they’ll do what is called a smash and grab,” said Merrill. “Break the window, grab the item, and just run off.”
Make sure to update your property inventory frequently.  That will help insurance agents reimburse you if you are a victim of theft.
“A lot of times people don’t realize they have something missing until it’s gone and they need it,” said Merrill.
If your home is burglarized, make a report with the police department immediately.
Identify what is missing, and contact your agent.

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