REMEMBERING THE FALLEN: East Texas veterans speak on what Memorial Day means to them

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Today is Memorial Day, not just a day off of work or a day for picnics but the day we recognize those who died while serving our country.

To those who wore, or still wear, a uniform today holds a lot of meaning.

There are three holidays honoring American veterans: Armed Forces Day for those currently serving, Veterans Day for those who have served and Memorial Day for those who died while serving.

“The United States has had 10 major wars during our history and we’ve lost nearly 2 million men and women during that time,” said Luther Bolenbarker, retired Marine Corps.

Memorial Day started as a way to remember those who died in World War I, the Great War as it were, by pinning poppies on shirts.

“It started back in 1919 and it’s just continued on ever since. Each poppy represents part of the remembrance of those that have passed,” said Cyrus Paulus, American Legion Post 113.

For the veterans, Memorial Day is so much more than flags, gatherings and traditions.

“Memorial Day reminds me of my mother and my father and my brother and my great-grandfathers because they all served at one time or another,” said Paulus.

It also calls for a time of prayer for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

“I hope that God continues to bless all who serve, the veterans who are no longer serving, those who will serve and especially those who have passed on,” said Bolenbarker.

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