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Remembering the Creel brothers: Lives cut short by fallen tree

Tragedy strikes, community reeling

POLLOK, Texas (KETK) - We have learned more about the two boys who died in a horrific accident over the weekend during the storms. A tree fell on top of their family's car on County Road 843 in Pollok. 8-year-old Dilynn and 3-year-old Jace Creel both died at the scene.

We were able to speak to a close family friend and a neighbor near the accident to learn what happened and how the family is coping.

"Friday at field day, Dilynn had actually asked if he could come over for a playdate on Sunday," Kirsten Redd, mother of Dilynn's best friend, said.

But now, field days and playdates with his best friend are a distant memory.

"That's not the right order for a parent to bury their child," Joe Spangler, nearby neighbor close to the accident, said.

The Creel family was trying to get home safely during the storm when they came across a tree blocking their path. They reversed, trying to get out, when another tree fell, this time, on the back of their car, where their two little boys were buckled in.

"I asked her, I said what's wrong, what's wrong," Spangler said. "She said please help me, a tree is on my car, my babies are in the car, my babies are in the car. I saw her husband, he was running back and forth around the car, trying to move the limb which I mean, it wasn't going to be moved."

Now, the family is already planning on their sons' memorial. Planning to place something where the accident happened.

"They were the most outstanding, respectful, happy, joyful children, you could ever imagine," Redd said.

And words coming from the mother who lost her two babies:

"Last night when I was visiting Brittany in the ER, she said you know, never take a chance, and never take a second with your children for granted, and just hug em extra tight," Redd said.

Reminding us that life is precious, especially the lives of these two boys.

Kirstin, the family friend you saw in this story, has set up a GoFundMe account for the family.

She is hoping to raise enough money to at least cover the funeral costs. They have also created a meal train for the family.

People can sign up to drop off a casserole or dinner and then it will be delivered to the family.

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