Raw milk helping woman relieve migraine pain


Each week, The Waldo Way Dairy Farm produces 400 gallons of raw milk from Guernsey cows and each week, at least six of those gallons go home with Kristen Cassimatis, their newest employee.

“October of 2000 I had a head injury and I started having migraines,” said Cassimatis. “I had not had migraines before. From that point, I went to pretty much every neurologist in the Dallas area.”

She said they became so unbearable, she had to leave her teaching job behind. For six years, she was bedridden.

“I’ve been prescribed under their care, pretty much everything that’s available, medication wise, to control them, without relief,” she said.

In 2013, she had a neurostimulator implanted for pain control, but still, only temporary relief. Then, her husband discovered something on Facebook called “Stanton Migraine Protocol.” 

The essence of Dr. Angela Stanton’s protocol is to increase dietary “good” fats and balance electrolytes. Her protocol for Kristen was to drink one gallon of milk each day.

“That is what got me out of the hospital, was salting my food and drinking whole milk,” said Cassimatis. “Whole milk has a perfect balance of sodium and potassium and that is what I need to properly absorb water.” 

While it may be a different remedy for each person, for Kristen, raw Guernsey milk did the trick.

“She calls it her Gatorade without all of the bad stuff,” said The Waldo Way Dairy Farm’s NaRisa Waldo. “I remember seeing Kristen come in, a very sick woman. She had difficulty walking, she could not speak and she was always driven to the farm by someone else.” 

Cassimatis visited The Waldo Way for over a year, stocking up on her milk for the week. Waldo said drinking raw milk to help with chronic illnesses isn’t new.

“There’s documentation on turn of the century, some of the leading physicians at that time, that were treating diseases and had a wonderful result from the raw milk programs,” said Waldo. 

Fast forward to the 21st century and it’s still creating miracles.

Waldo said she has many customers that drink the milk for any type of gut issue, auto-immune disorders, inflammation problems as well as for weight loss.

“It has been a turn around for me. It’s the most stable I’ve been, as far as the migraines, in 16 years,” said Cassimatis.

A testimony of healing, thanks to what they call the “Golden Guernsey Girls.” 

The Waldo Way Dairy Farm is located at 395 CR 2482 in Mineola. You can also place an order online, here, and they will reserve products for you. 


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