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Purple paint on posts in East Texas, what does it mean?

Nacogdoches County, Texas (KETK) - With dove season here and more hunting season just around the corner many will be out in the woods.

Some may even come across some purple paint on trees and fence posts.

The paint doesn't mean the landowner is an SFA Lumberjacks fan it means something else entirely.

"Well that means no trespassing," said Sean Reneau, State Game Warden for Nacogdoches County. "In the State of Texas purple designated for no trespassing."

For more than 20 years this law has existed in Texas.

Landowners like Pat Pruitt prefer this method, over your basic "no trespassing" signs.

"It's a lot cheaper to buy the paint than and refurbish it every year than it is to buy postage signs and people shoot them," said Pat Pruitt, a landowner in Nacogdoches County.

On top of that, the rules are simple.

"No less than three foot from the ground and no higher than five foot from the ground and the stripe needs to be an eight inch vertical stripe no less than one inch thick," said Reneau.

In other words, one line of spray paint, that your average person could easily see.

On forest land, which makes up most of East Texas, the mark must be at least every 100 feet.

"Most people are not aware of it," said Pruitt. "I've noticed that but they're probably not hunters. A fence should be no trespassing but people don't respect fences anymore either."

With a few hunting seasons here or on the way say you shoot a buck and it runs past some purple paint, can you still look for it on the neighboring land?

"You cannot without permission," said Reneau. "You have to go get your deer but on the same token you have to have permission to go get your deer."

So remember, purple paint is just a colorful way of saying "no trespassing".

Reneau says the best thing to do if you hunt next to someone who uses purple paint get to know them and come to an agreement.

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