Publication predicts harsh winter, how could it affect East Texas agriculture?

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The 2017 Farmers Almanac is predicting a cold and wet winter and that includes East Texas. What does that mean for agriculture?
“With winter time people get ready for winterizing their pasture and getting their hay made for their cattle,”
Chad Gulley, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, said.
The weather we saw last winter was much warmer thanks to El Nino and experts say a change in pattern is likely.
“This winter we’re transferring into a lot La Nina, which is kinda the opposite as far a ocean patterns are concern this certainly would favor a colder winter than last winter,” Meteorologist Scott Chesner said.
The La Nina pattern made for a wet spring, some farmers and ranchers were affected by the weather we’ve had so far.
“It was so wet in the spring time then we got hot and dry, there is not a lot of hay being made,” said Gulley. “I think a lot of people have some carry over hay that’s gonna to be the challenge to may sure we have enough supply of hay.”
The latest Farmers Almanac’s guess on upcoming weather, is leaving people wondering will it come true.
“Their looking back at different weather patterns but a long range weather forecasting has never been precise and never will be in our lifetime,” Chesner said. 
But Gulley adds preparation is important for the upcoming winter.
“Most farmers and ranchers are use to it they do, alot of them keep up with the weather and that type of thing especially if it’s a really cold snap,” Gulley said.

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