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School starts soon for many East Texas schools and with the help of the Kilgore Police Department, we are here to give you some helpful hints to provide a safe environment for your kids.

  1. Cell phones are prohibited in active school zones while moving. This will earn you a ‘coupon’.
  2. Speed limits are posted and flashing. Speeds drop directly in front of schools, so be aware of the change.
  3. Traffic congestion is expected. It always happens, so let’s focus on the end result.
  4. Please refrain from using your middle finger from waiving at other parents. It’s offensive to all.
  5. Handicap spots are for those with a handicap. Just because you are late does not make you handicap and this will earn you a ‘coupon’.
  6. Kids don’t always pay attention, so we ask you pay extra attention while traveling through school zones or in parking lots. Kids have a way of darting between cars.
  7. Putting on your makeup while driving your kids to school is dangerous!
  8. Please be patient at younger campuses. Staff work hard to assist your kids from the vehicle. During the first few days, some kids have to be pried from their seats. Having your child ready to exit the vehicle will help out greatly.
  9. Absolutely no firearms can be brought into a school building (even with a handgun license). Open carry is allowed in a parking lot, but can cause immediate alarm. Police and school officials ask you show common sense.
  10. Please don’t drive center lanes as a private express lane. These are used as turn lanes only to reduce traffic congestion.

The first day of school can be scary for parents, kids, and school staff. Communities work endlessly to make sure kids feel safe and we want to provide you with some helpful hints.

Good luck and have a great year!

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