Protest organizer speaks about Dallas shooting

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Protest organizer speaks about the shooting that followed the protest last night in Dallas. 

“And the whole time I’m sitting there with one of the police sergeants and we’re talking about how great of a protest this has been, how nonviolent this protest has been and we keep pushing and we passed Austin Street and I might have gotten 15 or 20 feet past Austin Street when I heard bah bah bah bah bah in succession. Immediately, when I heard the shots I looked up and I saw what I believe were two police officers that went down. I didn’t know what to do. The first thing I did was I grabbed my shirt because I felt like I might have been shot, so I was feeling around. The sergeant ran towards the shooting, I ran the opposite direction. I was concerned about the 7 or 800 people behind me, I was screaming ‘run, run! Active shooter! Shooter! Run! Run!’ And I was trying to get folks out as fast I could. I had a cross in my hand. That cross quickly became a shepherd’s crook, a shepherd’s staff and I was getting folks out.”

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