One Tank Trips: Your guide to family-friendly destinations in East Texas

One Tank Trips

Quality time with family is so precious and sometimes hard to come by. During the year, parents are busy with their jobs and staying on top of bills. But during the summertime, families make an effort to catch up and make some memories. It can sometimes be difficult, with not having many vacation days or trying to travel on a budget. Maybe your idea of a family outing is the movies or out to eat. But did you know there are other options in the same price range that are unique and live up to a fun, life experience? We’ve compiled a fresh new list of fun places you can visit this year that are affordable and close enough to take on one tank of gas or less in East Texas.

We’ve chosen places that would be fun for families, friends, children, and even business trips. It’s a good variety that is sure to leave you with a good story to tell years from now.

First, we’re going to walk you through an East Texas zoo that has the most hands-on experience with animals. Your kids can snuggle baby animals, hand-feed kangaroos, pet farm animals, and have large tortoises crawl in their lap! The main attraction: The alligators. This place has more than 25 full grown gators ready to eat. The workers will feed the alligators, some up to 13 foot long, three times a day for your entertainment. It’s a great walkthrough, with so much to see. Not only is it an adventure, but a wonderful learning opportunity. The workers are very knowledgeable and love to answer kids’ questions about animals and the gators. The East Texas Zoo and Gator Park is stop number one.

Second, get ready to zip on through the beautiful piney woods in East Texas. New York, Texas Zipline Adventures offers beautiful sights from the highest point of elevation in our region. Through the tall pines and hills stretching far and wide, there are 9 zip lines for you to ride down taking in the beauty our world has to offer. This isn’t just for thrill-seekers! The guides have toured people from 5 years old to 86 years old. You’ll fully immerse yourself into nature and fly with your family. It’s about making memories and learning to challenge yourself a little and conquering new adventures.

Third, we’re combining the two of animals and nature. This time, we’re going horse back riding. RH Equestrian offers more than just horseback riding lessons. It also offers a trail ride for families and friends to take. You’ll get to bond with a special horse that matches your personality. Once you pick out your horse, you’ll hit the trail. You’ll weave between canopies and fields on your horse. Horses are known to be one of the smartest animals and can connect with you on a spiritual level. RH Equestrian wants to offer that special bonding to you and your loved ones.

Our fourth adventure offers you a sweet treat. Teach your kids where peaches grow from by taking them out to a beautiful field of peach trees, letting them handpick the fruit they want. This is a great learning experience and a great photo op too! You’ll also get a chance to cool down with some homemade ice cream. This year we’ve seen all the right conditions to grow the most perfect peaches. Efurd Orchards offers you the opportunity to see what it takes to be a farmer and offers a newfound appreciation for what we so conveniently just by at the grocery store. We chose this place for a sweet cool down this summer.

Our fifth chance for you to get in on some fun summer action takes place inside. We’re going into the karate studio at Songahm Martial Arts Academy. Don’t assume this is just for the kids either. This is for ALL ages and an opportunity to learn useful life skills all while bonding over a new activity you and child can do together. It’s not very often you can find something this fitting for all age groups. Not only is it fun and useful, but it’s also going to get you active. You don’t have to be fit. It’s just about getting your body moving and feeling the adrenaline of learning new skills with a friend or your little one.

We hope you’ll take advantage of these fun opportunities this summer! Get ready to catch each destination in action this week during our morning shows on KETK Today and FOX 51 Good Day at 5, 6, 7, and 8 AM. It’s going to be a lot of fun and it’ll give you the FULL picture of any of these places you may be interested in. We’re excited about this fun series and hope you are to as we get ready to go on these ONE TANK TRIPS.

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