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1 TANK TRIPS: The Ranch at Pine Mountain

MONTALBA, Texas (KETK) - KETK's "One Tank Trips" series kicks off Monday where we take you to The Ranch at Pine Mountain in Montalba.

We chose The Ranch at Pine Mountain because sometimes, all you want is a little peace and quiet and out in nature is probably the best place to do that.

If you listen closely, you can hear the owls, other birds and the refreshing sound of water on a hot summer day. This is a full immersion into nature.

"When we saw this ranch, we knew it was special," says Cindi Featherston-Shields. "We knew it was special because of the views."

In fact, on our drive up, there was even a beautiful deer in our path.

"There's deer all over the place, it's just a really special place," says Featherston-Shields.

With all of this nature talk, you're probably thinking, "Where's the water? Where's the fish?"

Well, here you go.

"Kids come out, they can fish from the banks, they can even fish from our flat bottom boats out here," says Featherston-Shields. "They catch fish like one after another out here."

There are several different water holes on the property surrounded by tall pines and beautiful skies. And underneath are schools of fish.

"You can throw a hook in any of the lakes out here and catch a fish," Featherston-Shields says.

And the one thing about a vacation is no matter how young or old you are, these are the moments you create that turn into memories.

"We've got little catfish food that the kids can throw out, and that's just like memories as you're growing up, if you were with your grandmother or grandfather, you remember fishing with them," says Featherston-Shields. "And that's a memory to carry on for a lifetime."

The owners say this is a destination that works for friends, families with kids or as a couple's retreat.

"This is where you come, you relax, you get to spend time with your kids, you get to fish, paddle boat, have paddle boat races," says Featherston-Shields. "It's just different."

From the wildflowers to the wildlife, the owners say this place offers the full escape we all look for in a vacation.

For more information on this "One Tank Trips" destination, click here. And if you're looking to book a stay, mention you saw this story on KETK for a special offer!

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