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Recently Nacogdoches County commissioners voted 3-2 for a second county court at law but despite the majority vote Nacogdoches County will not be getting a second court at law.
According to commissioners, Representative Travis Clardy wanted the vote to be unanimous before he takes this to legislature.
But the commissioners feel this is unnecessary. 
“What concerns me is that 3/4 of the population of the population of Nacogdoches County is represented by us three commissioners that voted in favor of it,” said Precinct 2 Commissioner Jerry Stone.
The county court feels over encumbered by the heavy load they face each week.
“We are basically working those people in the county court at law, here in Nacogdoches County, to death,” said Commissioner Stone. “They have got to where they’re only able to try a certain amount, they have 51 cases coming up next week and they’re only going to be able to try three of them.”
The estimated cost of an additional county court at law would be about $266,000 plus $7,000 to furnish the court.
“The office of court administration says after one year the court will be self supported, it will not cost the citizens in Nacogdoches County anything,” said Commissioner Stone. “And it will also bring in additional revenue, it will also reduce jail population, it will get our cases to court quicker and it will also help the victims of Nacogdoches County.”
Commissioner Stone gave KETK forms with the estimated savings and revenue for the county if the second court at law were to come about.
It is estimated a total of $424,150 would be saved/generated by this new court at law if it were to pass, and if it were to pass the new court would go into effect January 2019.

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