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New Healthcare options for small businesses in Longview

LONGVIEW, Tx (KETK) - In 2009, the Longview Chamber of Commerce introduced health insurance plans to small businesses in the area.

Changes in the law forced the chamber to crumble the option back in 2014.

But starting November 1, 2018, under revised federal regulations, the chamber can again offer health insurance to their member businesses.

"Healthy View of East Texas," in partnership with United Healthcare, is offering 20 unique plans that average around 15 percent less in cost than market plans.

"Partnering with United Healthcare, our members, and we have over 1,100 members, most are small business owners," said Richard Manley with the Longview Chamber of Commerce. "We'll be able to access healthcare in a way that's not only less expensive, but more than anything offers so many more products than they would have otherwise."

"If  you talk to small businesses, one of the major challenges they face today is healthcare, health insurance for employees," said State Sen. Bryan Hughes. "It's affecting everyone, but it's hitting them really hard. And so for the chamber to go through with all this work and get together with the right people and get the government to change the law to make it where they can do this, this is a big deal."

Something they believe will help the heart of business...small businesses... In Longview for years to come.

Visit LongviewChamber.com for more information.

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