New Boston Police add K9 officer to narcotics unit

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NEW BOSTON, Texas (KTAL) – Police in New Boston have added a member to their narcotics unit. He has four legs and a great nose.

“I wanted a German Shepherd … they’re super smart, they kindof think about what they’re gonna do before they do it,” said Officer Westin Fannin.

Bentley is his new partner. They’ve been together for about six months.

“The dog’s trained in five different odors of narcotics. We have meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy, or MDMA.” 

Officer Westin Fannin

The department added a new narcotics unit last summer, and the community helped raise money for a K9.

Fannin’s previous experience working with a K9 at the Bowie Co. Sheriff’s Office was a natural fit. Fannin added that fighting drugs is something close to his heart.

“I had some people that were in my family, and close to my family, that were on drugs, and I always kindof wanted to do my part to help with the drug problem.” 

Fannin said he and Bentley encounter meth the most.

“When you’re out there working narcotics, the dog’s nose is thousands of times stronger than a human’s. He can smell or sniff out where these narcotics are hidden.”

This 2 year-old was chosen, Fannin said, because he’s super social, and a good fit for the department and his home.

Bentley lives with Fannin, his wife, and their child.

“He’s just a big ‘ol part of the family,” Fannin said.

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