Nacogdoches remembering former mayor A.L. Mangham

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Longtime Nacogdoches civic leader A.L. Mangham is sadly passed away on the morning of November 22.
Mr. Mangham, as many knew him, was a mayor of Nacogdoches, a hero of World War II, the CEO and president of Fredonia State Bank.
“Mr. Mangham was both a teacher, he taught many of us how to deal with life and how to deal with people and how to be generous and caring and also risk takers,” said Judy McDonald, former mayor of Nacogdoches. “He also was a great leader, he lead this community during a time when it was difficult to get more jobs in town.”
Mangham helped develop, or redevelop, industries in Nacogdoches such as International Paper because “he didn’t want them to stay down in the ashes after it burned.”
He was also crucial in the development of Lake Nacogdoches.
And of top of these accomplishments he also was the primary reason for the Hotel Fredonia’s reopening in the 1980’s.
“It was through his leadership that both other banks…also the state and federal government before it was over with,” said McDonald. “They all had everybody involved to get that hotel built up because it’s part of the lifeblood of this community, no more so than Lake Nacogdoches and certainly no more than the jobs that were created that put people to work.”
Mangham was very dedicated to his job as mayor in the 1970’s and early 80’s. He had a very particular mindset when it came to running things and it worked.
“He had the philosophy that if you can give a man or a woman a job they go to everyday lots of good things happen,” said McDonald. “Crime goes down, and all sorts of opportunities for people to better their lives.”
In addition to being up in age…He was also in poor health and not getting better.
Many are remembering Mangham in their own way. He impacted the lives and even the careers of many.
Those who knew him personally will miss him dearly.
“He was my hero, he was my leader but more than anything he was mentor,” said McDonald. “There’s a huge hole, you know, that was a mighty oak to fall in the forest and I don’t know how many seedlings are out there ready to come up and take his place.”
Mangham was 93 and passed just a month before his birthday.

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