MIRACULOUS: Lufkin police officer survives after being hit by a car

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Tragic story over the weekend a Lufkin police officer was working a minor accident, a fender bender, when everything went horribly wrong.

Another driver went off the road and slammed into the officer.

It was just another day, another fender bender.

Lufkin police officer Seth Thompson was called to the scene.

Officer Thompson was getting the driver’s information when it happened.

“We was sitting there talking and probably about three or four minutes we heard those two loud bangs,” said Jerry Sneed, survivor of the crash. “Next thing you know the Spanish dude (Enrique,driver in minor accident) hollered ‘look out!’.”

“Bam it was over and I was on the ground,” said Cheryl Guillaume, other crash survivor. “I don’t know, I mean it was a millisecond in all honesty.”

But as quickly as the crash happened Officer Thompson’s instincts were faster.

“Officer Thompson happened to look around and about the time he looked around I felt push me backwards,” said Jerry Sneed.

That push was Officer Thompson.

“Without him I don’t know where Jerry would be,” said Guillaume. “I don’t know if he would be on the ground by Officer Thompson or if I’d be planning a funeral, you just don’t know.”

“It surprised me that he thought about it that quick to push me out of the way,” said Sneed. “He could have took off running and left me standing there to be the one to get hit by the car, instead he took it on himself.”

From citizen’s dash cam you can see the how the crash happened; a woman in a white SUV left the road.

She never braked and hit the party with a full head of steam.

After getting up Sneed immediately grabbed Officer Thompson’s radio and called for help.

First responders got there quickly and realized Officer Thompson was seriously hurt.

“Because of the tone of the people that I talked to early on I could tell that the injuries were severe,” said Gerald Williamson, Lufkin Public Safety Director. “Of course my first fears were hearing that from trained people that know how to control their emotions.”

“I thought, to be honest with you, when I seen him laying there the way he was I figured he passed away,” said Sneed.

But Officer Thompson is recovering nicely.

Whether it’s physical support by his side or uplifting posts on Facebook he is surrounded by love. 

“And that’s one of the great things about Lufkin is we really do have a good community,” said Williamson. “It’s different than so many others in that people are caring and thoughtful and they really mean it.”

As tragic as this incident is, it wasn’t Officer Thompson’s first brush with death.

In 2016 he felt something unusual.

“It took me about a year to actually go to the doctor for that pain to get it checked out,” said Officer Seth Thompson in a 2018 interview with KETK.

By 2017 he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, it was a tough fight but he overcame it.

In 2018, however, his cancer returned and he beat it a second time only to find out his wife had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

Today his wife continues to fight now alongside a husband who has escaped death three times.

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