Marshall man looking for missing PTSD service dog

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A man from Marshall recently visited Nacogdoches but during his visit his PTSD service dog ran away and he’s been Frantically searching ever since.
Thom Lee is a navy vet and suffers from PTSD.
To combat his condition, he was given a recommendation to obtain a service dog. 
He rescued an Australian Sheppard named Baby Girl from the Marshall Animal Shelter and had her trained to be a PTSD service dog.
Baby Girl is still a young pup and is easily startled and also tends to be a little skittish around strangers.
Lee was making a trip to Houston when he made a pit stop at Wal-Mart in Nacogdoches.
“I thought I had the latch on the leash and it wasn’t,” said Lee. “She jumped out which is quite normal…well about that time a really loud car came by…and it freaked her out.”
She ran off, rather quickly, and Lee was unable to catch her and that is when the search began.
Lee searched for a few hours and even received help from people near by and from a few local businesses with no luck.
But Lee returned to Nacogdoches and this time the community stepped in to help him by searching and putting up flyers.
“At least two-dozen people from the city down there have been helping me look for this dog,” said Lee. “I have never seen a community come together, I’m a perfect stranger to them until November 7 the day the dog got lost, I cannot believe the graciousness, the hospitality and everything everybody has done.”
There have been a few sightings since she went missing, some confirmed and some not so Lee is not giving up hope.
Although he does miss her more every day.
“I miss her terribly, I just kind of feel sick and lost. I can’t imagine where she’s at, that she’s been out there wandering out there for about three weeks now on her own,” said Lee. “I’m sure she Feels deserted so she’s got to be lonely hungry and tired out there.”
Baby Girl is chipped so if she is brought to a vet or an animal shelter Lee can be notified.
If you see her, please call the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter 936-560-5011.

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