Lindale triplets take on TJC, navigating college life and future dreams

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – If you were to see Grant, Garrett, and Grayson Sims around TJC, you may not be able to tell them apart, aside from their identifying haircuts. Their striking similarities even throw their parents off from time to time.

“From a distance, it’s really hard to tell and from behind, so yes, I call them the wrong names all the time,” said Ginger Sims, mother. “When they were babies, we had different colored pacifiers and particularly when we would take pictures, that was the thing, you would take a picture and then later you’re looking and thinking which one was that.”

While their parents may have secret ways to tell them apart, they’ve never been very successful at tricking friends or family by trading places.

“We had friends that knew us apart and stuff, so we knew there would always be that guy that would be like ‘Wait, you’re not supposed to be here, you’re not Garrett,'” said Garrett.

The young men don’t just look alike, they are similar in more ways than one. All three participated in most of the same extra-curricular activities in high school including sports.

“We all three were really involved in Key Club and in football,” said Garrett.

Even after graduating from high school and leaving many familiar things behind, the brothers stuck together and are now enrolled in the same classes on campus.

“Me and Grant have every class together, except for our lab, our chemistry lab, and then we all three have every class together, except Grayson takes biology and me and grant take chemistry,” said Garrett.

They may have been together for 19 years, but they definitely have their own sense of self, including what they look forward to in the future.

“I want to do Construction Science Project Management, I’m not for sure yet where I want to go,” said Garrett.

“Special Education or Communication and Public Relations, I haven’t really decided yet, but I want to do it at UT Austin,” said Grayson.

“Construction Science and Project Management and I have been looking at Texas State to do that,” said Grant.

While their future plans look different, that that doesn’t keep them from feeling very grateful for their current education with the help of a few big-ticket scholarships they each received.

“It was definitely a huge blessing having, a huge surprise,” said Grant and Grayson. “It allowed us to not have to worry necessarily about our school at TJC this year.”

With three sons starting college all in the same semester, their parents are grateful and breathing a tandem sigh of relief.

“With them getting the scholarships there, helping to pay for them all three, at one time, going to college, that’s been a huge blessing,” said Ginger.

Leaving an East Texas family feeling very blessed this holiday season.

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